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The Safety Of Roller Shutter Garage Doors

A big concern for anyone thinking of installing roller shutter doors for their garage is the actual safety of the doors. This is justified too, as there have been accidents in the past due to poor quality garage doors.

But the answer is there, with “poor quality” being the keywords. In most industries, you get what you pay for and this is no different. If you opt for a cheaper option, you could be putting yourself at risk.

Our Roller Shutter Doors

So let’s start off by talking through a few of the specifics that make our doors incredibly safe.

Firstly, all of our roller shutter garage doors are electrically operated. They are powered by a fully CE compliant,

Our Roller Shutter Doors
single phase 240 volt tubular motor with a built-in manual override facility. This allows the door to be operated manually in the event of mains failure. We’ll get more into what CE compliant means later.

Next we have the canopy. Unlike most garage door manufacturers on the market, we supply a full canopy as standard, which gives additional strength to the construction of the door and helps shield the moving parts. Having a canopy can help protect your door, making it safer in the process. Another benefit of a canopy is that it is also aesthetically pleasing and prevents fingers from being trapped.

All of our roller shutter doors come with a fully CE compliant safety brake. This anti-fallback device prevents the door from freefalling and potentially injuring somebody when in the open position, in case of an unlikely motor failure. This device reduces the risks of the roller shutter doors to basically none. Having the safety brake gives you the peace of mind that as long as maintained properly, the door will never fall.

Lastly, we install auto-locks to each of our roller shutter doors. These heavy duty, anti-lift devises offer extra security against would-be intruders by preventing the door from being opened when in the fully closed position.

We do offer our customers some optional accessories as well, including a low level override and a battery back up. The secure, external, low-level override system allows you to manually operate the door in the event of mains failure from low level, should there be no other means of access to your garage. The battery back-up system is an uninterrupted power supply that allows you to electrically operate the door in the event of mains failure, should there be no other means of access to your garage. If access is a concern of yours, you might want to opt for one of these extras.


To ensure the highest level of safety, you need to be choosing certified installers of roller shutter garage doors.

There have been many cases over the years of installers with a questionable reputation fitting garage doors for a low fee and it ended up backfiring on them, sometimes causing serious injuries.

We really could go on for ages about how important using a trusted installer is to install a garage door, so if you’d like to learn more then click here.

With DRS Premier, we list all of our experienced installers and can even help you find the nearest one to your location. For more information on how to find your nearest installer, click here.

CE Marking

What is CE marking?

CE Marking
CE marking is something that all products that are manufactured or distributed in the EU must have. The CE mark certifies that the product meets all of the requirements set by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and any other relevant CE directives. Let’s have a look at what this means for doors.
If a door falls under the Harmonised European Standards (hEN), it is a legal requirement that it has to be CE marked. Doors that have additional powering will require assessment to the Machinery Directive to establish the safety compliance.

If your door hasn’t been CE marked, falsely CE marked or failed to meet CE regulations, this could lead to a penalty of a £5,000 fine and a maximum of 3 months in jail for the director of the company. This is illegal and a serious case of blatant disregard for safety, putting the customer at risk and taking shortcuts. The Trading Standards are the enforcing authority in the UK. The CE marking of powered doors has been mandatory under the Machinery Directive for a long time, with the CPR introduction in July 2013 helping raising further awareness.

There are a few steps to getting your product CE marked and certified. Firstly, the CPR requirements and any other standards need to be identified, which deals with the performance and any hazards. Then the product will need assessing, whether it is testing, inspection, calculation or a combination of all; you can never be too thorough.

The door supplier/installer is responsible for ensuring that any safety devices such as safety edges, force, limit switches and torque limiters fit the doors and are correctly installed into the system. After the CE mark is given to the product, a ‘Declaration of Performance’ needs to be prepared with detailed performance specifics of the product. It should also be noted that additionally powered doors require a ‘Declaration of Conformity’ for each installation.

For a more detailed breakdown of the CE regulations, click here.

Our roller shutter garage doors are fully CE compliant, ensuring the highest possible safety and quality for our customers.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the specifics of our roller shutter doors, give us a call on 01928 571030 or contact us through here.