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7 Simple Tips For Making Your Garage Greener

It’s important that we are having a positive impact on the environment, potentially now more than ever. We can all contribute, but it doesn’t have to be out there leading the change. You can help by simply changing a few things around the house, and we’re going to look into ways to make your garage space a little bit greener.

Insulation will keep you warm

Let’s talk about insulation.

Heating is essential in the average British home (it’s not like we have the weather on our side). Winter proves to be a very chilly time for us and you’ll surely need that heating on. Your garage can be cold at the best of times, so imagine trying to work or function in the icy temperatures.

Your house will lose a lot of heat through the garage, especially if you just have a standard garage door. This means you’ll end up spending more on heating bills because you have to keep it switched on constantly, which is not ideal.

Lucky for you, our DRS Premier Garage Doors have insulated profiles that provide additional warmth and keep the heat in your home. At the bottom of the door is a heavy-duty extruded aluminium bottom profile complete with a deep rubber deal, helping to keep the heat in and protect your garage from the weather outside as well. You can find out more information about our DRS Premier Garage Doors on our Specifications page here.

Change the lighting

Change The Lighting

You may not realise it, but you can instantly make your garage greener by simply changing the light bulbs. By replacing standard light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs, you’ll be using less energy and saving money at the same time.

Energy-efficient LED light bulbs may cost slightly more than your average bulb, but it’s worth it in the long run. LED bulbs tend to last a lot longer than standard bulbs and use less energy in the process, having a positive effect on your electric bill.

Get rid of hazardous chemicals

Get Rid Of Hazardous Chemicals

You’re more than likely to have certain chemicals and other hazardous products lying around in your garage that you will never use. They are basically an accident waiting to happen, if you don’t need it then get rid.

Keeping things like old paint tins and solvents can run the risk of spills, producing toxic fumes and being a fire hazard. It’s best to be safe and just keep the essentials. They even make eco friendly paint now, with zero solvent and zero smell so it’s worth making the switch.Once you’ve decided what to keep, all hazardous products should be kept in a locked cabinet or drawer, away from the likes of children and pets.

Clean air is a good thing

Following on from hazardous fumes, you could consider installing an exhaust fan ventilation system in your garage.

Installing an exhaust fan will help to reduce the amount of toxic fumes in your garage, whether it be from dangerous chemicals and paint or just the fumes from your car. It’s important to try and keep the air as clean as possible, as too much exposure to dangerous air is likely to have an unhealthy effect on you. Another benefit of having an exhaust fan is the prevention of condensation.

Solar Panels – A new way to power your home (Not as simple)

In order to really make your garage greener, you should consider installing solar panels.Solar panels attach to your roof and can provide a good amount of electricity for your household just from the sun.

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels can help you cut even more off your electricity bill, and with battery storage now an option, any energy you don’t use can be stored for another day.But what if it’s not sunny?

Don’t worry, most solar panels these days can operate just from light. You don’t have to worry about them only working on hot summer days.

They are a great investment because not only do they provide a clean and free way of powering your home, but you can also earn money back just by producing energy. By installing solar panels, you are eligible to apply for the FIT (Feed-In Tariff) scheme, which put simply means you will receive payment for any energy you send back to the grid. Now is a great time to invest as well as the prices of solar panels are lowering each year while the price of energy keeps soaring.

So not only are you producing your own renewable energy, but you’re getting paid to do it as well. You can’t argue with that.

Try recycling

Something that will largely contribute to making your garage greener is recycling.

More people than ever before are recycling, with most homes having food waste bins and different bags for recycling. But this doesn’t just apply to the household; there are plenty of ways to recycle in the garage too.

You can recycle paper, plastic, glass and metal now so there’s no excuses when you’re clearing out that garage space. Sort out the junk into different material piles and recycle, don’t just throw it all in a bin bag. It may seem easier to just get rid, but you’re helping the planet so make an effort.

Another idea could be to recycle the rainwater. By attaching a funnel to your room, you could use the rainwater to water the plants or even wash your car. It may sound like a crazy idea, but it’s definitely worth a try.

General tips

There’s a few general simple things you can do to save energy such as switching lights off when not in use, making sure any equipment isn’t left on standby and not leaving things plugged in when not in use.

It also helps if you have a clean garage. A clean garage is a clean sense of mind. Having junk everywhere is helping no one and just creates a tripping hazard. An organised garage is ideal for making your garage a greener place, allowing the room to breathe and giving you space to work. If you need tips on cleaning your clutter and making the most out of your space, we’ve written a helpful guide here.

Don’t be afraid to get rid of the things you don’t need, and try selling items like old gym or sports equipment. You might be able to get a few pennies out of it.


In an age where it’s more important than ever to try and be as green as possible, doing your best in the garage is a great first step. Most of these tips will help you save money, and have a positive impact on the world. Why wouldn’t you want that?