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How To Choose The Right Flooring For Your Garage

Choosing the perfect flooring for your garage can be a tricky affair. There are so many things to consider. Is it durable? How easy is it to clean? Can I afford it?

As you can see, it’s not as easy as picking the first thing you see. You’ve got to consider the different types and the function of the garage you’ll be filling, which can be a little confusing. We understand this, so we’ve tried to look at a few options and the benefits of different flooring.


The majority of garages will have a concrete floor, and it’s great if you just want to use your garage for parking your car.

They work well because they are very hard and your garage is likely to have come with one, so the price tag is nothing. However, concrete floors have a tendency to become a pain to maintain. They can easily become dirty and oily, especially if you’re parking your garage in there and can even give you damp issues.

We imagine this isn’t what you want, so let’s take a look at some alternative options.

PVC Tiles

PVC tiles are a great choice when it comes to choosing flooring for your garage.

For starters, they are very durable and hardwearing, meaning they won’t easily be scuffed or damaged. This can prove to be very handy if you’re messing with your car or working on a DIY project. Tying in with this, they can also handle heavy loads well, not cracking or showing signs of damage.

Another positive to using PVC tiles is that they are a very cost effective option, being a lot cheaper than other options. They are very easy to install because the tiles interlock, meaning less work for you. It should be noted however that you should make sure you get the correct thickness of tile, as getting tiles that are too thin could lead to the tiles becoming unlocked with use.


If you’re looking for flooring that is suitable for the likes of a home gym, rubber is definitely an option to consider.

Rubber is perfect for your home gym because it has a non-slip surface and a high grip, which lends itself to doing weights, etc. It has a soft texture and is also great for soundproofing the room, which might help when blasting your workout mix.

The thick tiles can provide a lot of insulation and are very tough, being able to absorb impact well. They can come in a range of different finishes, but are not necessarily the best looking option. Other benefits include being very easy to install and easy to clean due the waterproof layer it provides, requiring little maintenance.


Carpet is a good choice if you’re using your garage for something other than storing or working on your car.

For example, carpet fits nicely if you were using your garage as a playroom or a multi-purpose space because of its soft nature and the comfort of walking on carpet. If you were using the space for something a little louder, like a band practise space, then carpet is an ideal choice because it helps to reduce noise.

Carpet can be great in the winter as well because it helps to prevent heat loss, keeping the warmth inside your garage. It can provide a comfortable floor to walk on and there’s a no slip guarantee with carpet. We all know how cold a concrete floor can get, especially towards the end of the year.

If you use your garage for working with tools though, we’d suggest trying another option.


Simply painting your garage floor is the one of the easiest and more cost friendly ways of switching up the flooring.

By painting your garage floor, you can easily brighten up the space and give it a sleeker and more professional look. Some of the benefits of paint include being spill proof for the messy people, and dust proof for the lazy people. By using latex acrylic paint you can add a layer of protection to your floor, which is ideal if you’re using heavy machinery or equipment that could damage the ground.

Whilst maintenance is low, applying the paint is a little trickier as the floor needs to be prepped and cleaned properly before coating it in paint. You should make sure any holes or cracks are filled in and use a primer before you paint. An un-prepped floor could lead to the paint not taking properly or the floor absorbing dirt and oils.

Porcelain Tiles

You might think this sounds a little off at first, but porcelain tiles could be the perfect option for your garage.

The tiles look fantastic, as well as being very easy to clean. It’s tough, durable nature makes it a good option for parking your car on. Porcelain tiles provide a stronger noise and draft barrier than PVC tiles, but they are more expensive.
The positive though is that they are very hard-wearing and long lasting, needing little maintenance and ideal if you’re a fan of using your garage as a workshop.

Bergo Tiles

Bergo tiles are a slightly different choice, offering a breathable and lightweight option to your garage flooring.

Easy to clean, easy to lay and easy to move, Bergo tiles could be the one for you. The tiles allow the ground to breathe, being able to reduce the risks of dampness and keeping the contents dry. They also come in a range of colours, allowing you to perfectly match the floor with the walls or your car.

As with most tiles though, it’s important to choose tiles that are the correct thickness and will be able to handle what you are using your garage or the weight of your car.


All of these flooring options are great in their own way, it really just depends what you want to use your garage for. If you’re using it for heavy use such as a workshop or gym, you should consider going for the likes of rubber tiles. If you’d rather use it for something less physical, carpet and paint are great options too.